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For many years, people have only had two choices in the laboratory database information area. These choices were the big high dollar systems ($50,000 -1,000,000) or trying to develop something on their own.

The condition of the industry today is such that most laboratories can not afford the "BIG" laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Most do not have the time and or personnel to devote such time to develop their own systems.

The legal form of Tribal Software Inc. is C-Corporation. We chose the C- Corporation form because we currently have tight control over the company, with limited shareholders, we plan to hold the company in this type of control, being a domestic company with resident officers chapter C-Corp was best suited for Tribal Software.

Tribal Software Inc.'s business headquarters is located at:
1740H Dell Range Blvd #402
Cheyenne, WY 82009 USA
Phone: 307.631.7337

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