Tribal Software has broken the software mold by allowing system user’s to have full access to all of the programming source code. Our unique licensing agreement will allow end-users the flexibility in how they address any system changes. By taking an MS Access class or reading an Access programming book, the end-user can make changes to their system on the fly.

Tribal products use the Microsoft Access architecture, the world’s most reliable approach to data acquisition. Using the Microsoft line and their development tools, we are able to capture the newest technology without having to charge for tool development. Based on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Tribal systems operate in the standard Windows interface. Consistent with other Microsoft applications and intergraded with many of the most popular tools, this allows our products to be easily merged with other Microsoft and Windows applications (Excel, Word, Etc…)

What's New?

Release of 9.1 Upgrade is here. Purchase a Tribal LIMS today. This upgrade will have several new features for your lab management needs.Your cost for the new features ZERO or "$0.00" as always all upgrades are FREE to new users and systems under our maintenance contracts. Don't forget if you have a good feature or upgrade idea, send it to us and we might add it to the next release!

Tribal News - listed from most recent

Tribal Software wants to thank its customers for helping to make us the recipient of the WEF Innovative Technology Award. With your great enthusiasm and excellent ideas Tribal will continue to be the best LIMS developer ever!

Tribal Software Inc. is proud to announce the completion of "The Pocket LIMS" a Handheld Windows CE device that enables users to log samples in the field and update the samples in the Tribal-LDMS. Great Hardware/Software combination with all the best features of the best Handheld units!!!

Look for a special announcement that Tribal and your favorite IC people will join together for several seminars across the United States.

Tribal-AFS "Applicant Fingerprint System" is saving and generating hundreds/thousands of dollars for agencies performing background checks. Law enforcement agencies and crime labs can now inventory, track and store personal information found on finger print cards. Contact Tribal for additional information.

Tribal-ETS Posse (Evidence tracking system for crime laboratories)….Many New Features ….. Criminal investigation laboratories are now seeing the benefits of the Award winning Tribal technology.

Get the NEW Service release for Microsoft Access and older updates are still available from Microsoft be sure to request any previously released service packs before installing the new one. We suggest you ask for the complete media kit it's only a few dollars and you don't have to worry about current configurations. or 206-882-8080