Tribal Software has broken the software mold by allowing system user’s to have full access to all of the programming source code. Our unique licensing agreement will allow end-users the flexibility in how they address any system changes. By taking an MS Access class or reading an Access programming book, the end-user can make changes to their system on the fly.

Tribal products use the Microsoft Access architecture, the world’s most reliable approach to data acquisition. Using the Microsoft line and their development tools, we are able to capture the newest technology without having to charge for tool development. Based on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Tribal systems operate in the standard Windows interface. Consistent with other Microsoft applications and intergraded with many of the most popular tools, this allows our products to be easily merged with other Microsoft and Windows applications (Excel, Word, Etc…)

1st Tribal-LDMS Purchase in the State

Train at your own pace

Tribal Tools for Education

System Strenths

System strengths include:

Millennium Award Winning Software

The Tribal-LDMS is the only fully open-ended laboratory information management systems on the market

Developed by lab people for lab people

Tribal uses only Microsoft based products

Alternative to the high dollar systems

Designed for the need of your lab Includes bar code printer and laser scanner

Multi-Level user security

Free yearly upgrades

Full graphing capabilities that you control

Comprehensive laboratory data management from Sample entry to Report generation

Support for maintenance, training, customization, and complete computer system and supplies

The Top 5 Ways Tribal
Keeps Its Products Inexpensive

1.) Product Separation: Tribal does not have a high dollar product that you, our customer, pay for in development and design. Most LIMS providers have a high dollar LIMS ($100,000 - $500,000), all of their customers pay for this high-end system with the purchase of any of their products. The purchaser of any products (low-end or high-end) must pay for some of the company operating expenses including all software development, personnel, equipment, buildings, and company overhead.

2.) In-House Custom Development: Tribal allows you, the end User, to make their own installations, system setup, and customizations when opted for. Tribal is happy to provide all of those services if requested, this way we allow the end User to save on those items if they choose to. We don't feel it is necessary to make money on all aspects of the software. We are happy to get you in our system as inexpensive as possible.

3.) Best Development Tools: Creating the system in Microsoft Access and using custom development tools, special programs, and individual controls from the Microsoft line, and other well known companies, have allowed us to generate the best systems possible without "redeveloping the wheel" and having to charge extra for those redevelopment fee's.

4.) Contracts / Agreements: By establishing special agreements with regional companies, (Linco, Labtronic's, C-101, etc.) Tribal has avoided having to internally establish positions for; a marketer, a software attorney, a publicist, a graphic artist, and etc. Our goal is to make a reasonable profit and address all the needs of our clients. We do this by spreading some of the wealth to other businesses and establishing great relationships/contracts with the best of the best companies in the region.

5.) Low Overhead: Tribal has used the resources from the owners of the corporation to establish a bank of knowledge and cash flow, allowing us to develop our products without borrowing or accumulating debt. With 15 owners and almost 20 management team people, we have tapped the greatest resource of all….Knowledge!